Monday, April 13, 2009

Spiritual Streakers

If the Gospel of Christ was our wardrobe, how would the people who know us best judge our wardrobe?
1. Best dressed list - Your life lines up perfectly with a Gospel filled life.
2. Sharp but over done - You're trying to hard.
3. 20 years behind current fashions - You are clueless about the world around you so your efforts are useless.
4. Nothing matches - You don't care about your appearance of what you wear, you just do your own thing.
5. Clothes don't fit / More holes than hems - You occasionally put on the Gospel when it is convenient for you.
6. Spiritual streaker - Nothing on at all, no evidence of the Gospel in your life.

Here is the verse of basis - Philippians 1.27. In the KJV the word, "becometh" is used. It means "fit", "suitable", "worthy".

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